Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Mandralisca

Situated in Cefalù, a UNESCO World Heritage tourist town on the north coast of Sicily, Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Mandralisca has a long tradition and strong connections with the development of the town, which makes it the repository of its history and a highly reputed school. Through its two types of Curriculum – Vocational School for Enogastronomy and Hotel Services and School for Humanistic Studies – it aims at teaching professional skills and cultural knowledge and let students make choices suitable for their personal characteristics. It welcomes about 900 students aged between 14 and 21, some of whom are immigrants or refugees, 23 are students with special educational needs, 110 teachers, 32 administrative assistants, technical assistants and school employees. Based on solid principles of solidarity, open mindedness, and innovation, IIS Mandralisca has a long experience in projects and programs aimed at: inclusion of students with special needs/at-risk groups (foreigners, refugees and migrants); promotion of European cultural diversity, intercultural identity, legality and demolition of cultural barriers; conservation and protection of biodiversity, environment and health, sustainable tourism, made in Italy. One of the distinctive features of our school is the attention to inclusion. The students are not only integrated, but they are welcomed and valued as part of a broader educational and didactic project, which promotes the achievement of rewarding results in all the students, especially the disabled ones and those at risk of early leaving.

Team member: Emanuela Adesini, Francesca Conti Mica, Marilena Allegra, Daniela Castronovo