The Special Secondary School For Visually Impaired Students

The School for Visually Impaired Students is a public body, follows the national curriculum and is one of the 7th schools for blind people from Romania. The school was founded in 1957, is attended by 120 students between 3-17 years old (kindergarten, primary and secondary school). The school schedule includes 2 sections: regular classes in the morning, recreational activities and  therapies in the afternoon. The school hold no-formal activities: social inclusion and life abilities, thematic visits, games, trips, dance, music, piano and swimming lessons. Most of the students follow the mainstream school curriculum and students with multiple deficiencies receive personalized educational plans. Students from outside the city are enrolled in the boarding school, who has a different building. The school offers to the students specialized educational services, supervised by specialists, generating the opportunity to develop themselves, to prepare in an optimal environment for a better life, for a future job and for a socio-professional integration. In the school are special areas dedicated for therapies: sensory-room, visual education, speech therapy, braille language, Space orientation and mobility, physiotherapy, psycho–diagnosis cabinets. The school teachers has participated in several international programs, focused on technology and assistive tools for the visually impaired, using their significant knowledge related to special education.

Team member: Cazan Cosmina Irina, Tiganea Cristina Maria, Popa Ion