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Göbeklitepe: Zero Point In Time

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Each of your students may have a different degree of disability, and different needs. When working with deaf students, use video materials with subtitles and/or sign language. Use audio materials when working with visually impaired or blind students. Try to create materials in Braille as well. When working with dyslexic students, use materials with large text and a friendly format When working with an autistic child, keep in touch with his parents, they can help identify the learners’ needs. When working with children with other cognitive limitations, adapt the information to their processing capabilities. Familiarize yourself with the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL;, apply them in your lessons.


  • Materials:
  • Canva presentation
  • Göbeklitepe Museum Kit-EBA
  • Museum Cards-EBA
  • Audio materials for visual impaired and students with dyslexia
  • Simple content and color pages for ineffectual disabled


  • Web Resources
  • Https://


  • Outcomes :
  • The science of history constantly renews itself with the new information obtained.

What Will I Learn?

  • Objectives :
  • • Learns that the science of history renews itself in the light of the new information obtained.
  • • Learns that the linear understanding of history cannot be for every civilization and period.
  • • Generates ideas on life and culture according to the period by establishing historical empathy.
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